World’s Most Mind-Blowing Power lifting Records


The quest for optimal strength is an age-old one. For years we as Australians have gone out of our way to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Powerlifting consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts. The lifts include squat, bench press, deadlift.

Powerlifting has a long and well-documented history. Its traditions date back to the Roman Empire and ancient Greek.

However, the modern sport of Powerlifting originated from the United States and the United Kingdom during the 1950s.

Today, we’ll look into some of the most exciting and mind-boggling Powerlifting records. They include:

1 Linda Leightley Holds 12 Powerlifting World Records

Linda Leightley, a 73-year old powerlifter has proven to the world that she can do it all even when faced with a mountain of obstacles.

This 73 years old began lifting weights after the age of 60. She now holds 12 world records in 65-69 and 70-74 age classes.

2. 80.3kg Powerlifter Deadlifts World Record 380kg

During the first weekend of June 2017, the World Raw Powerlifting Federation held their European Championship in Moscow.

Sub 83kg Russian athlete Dmitry Nasanov successfully pulled 380kg, 4.73 times his own body weight.

3. Jennifer Thompson Holds 3 World Records at 45

Jennifer Thompson – Mum of 2 and Teacher from North Carolina. Holds 3 World Records in her weight class at 45 years.

  • Bench Press 142.5kg (double bodyweight)
  • Deadlift 202.5kg
  • Total 499.5kg

4. US National Sets World Raw Squat Record

In June 2015, Ray Williams successfully set the world raw squat record by lifting 477.5kg

His 477.5 kg squat came last year at the Arnold Sports Festival in Colombus5.

5. 15-Year Old Teen Sets Five World Records

During the 2013 World Powerlifting Congress World Championship in the Czech Republic, 15-year old Dominic Swanson competed in the 99.7kg weight category for boys aged 13-15.

Swanson set four world records during the competition.

6. Kirill Sarychev Sets World Powerlifting Total Record

There isn’t much that Kirill Sarychev hasn’t achieved in his illustrious career. He’s set and broken multiple records. He even set up his own Powerlifting Federation.

During the 2016 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) World Championship in Moscow, Russia, Sarychev successfully set a new world record with a total 1,082.5kg.

7. Blaine Sumner Sets Bench Press World Record

During the 2018 IPF World Open Equipped Powerlifting Championships in Halmstad, Sweden, Blaine Sumner set a new world record by bench pressing 415kg.

This is especially impressive because Sumner very recently survived an injury that almost ended his lifting career.

8. Ray Williams Sets Raw Deadlift Record

2018 has been a good year for Ray Williams. He successfully completed a 398.5kg raw deadlift, breaking his previous world record of 392.4kg. This feat helped him become IPF’s best raw male powerlifter for 2018.

10. Wei-Ling Chen Hold raw and equipped World Records

Wei-Ling Chen from Chinese Taipei holds the current raw and equipped records in the IPF (drug tested) and is also an Olympic medallist in weightlifting.

Chen holds various all-time world records in powerlifting including:

  • 44 kg class – Women’s
  • Squat (single ply, with knee wraps)– 171.5 kg @ 43.8 kg.
  • Deadlift (single ply, with knee wraps)– 175.0 kg @ 43.7 kg.
  • 47 kg class – Women’s
  • Squat (raw) – 152.5kg at 46.56kg
  • Squat (equipped) – 210kg at 46.75kg bodyweight.
  • Deadlift (equipped) – 186.0 kg
  • Total (raw) – 407.5kg at 46.75kg bodyweight.
  • Total (equipped) – 500kg at 46.56kg bodyweight.

A few recent notables include Marisa Inda, who made history with a 9/9 day on her way to the All-Time World Record Total in the 52kg Division.

Isabella von Weissenberg who held the IPF raw squat record with 192.5 kilograms. Now she’s hit 202.5 kilograms in training. And, Nathan Tanis, an Aussie who recently squatted 305 at 83kg bodyweight.


At his recent meet, Tanis broke the previous IPF squat world record not once, but twice.

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