Understanding Teen Boys and Body Image

teen boys and body image

I’m too short, I should have longer legs, my nose is too pointy. Have you ever questioned your physique? If you so, you’re not alone. Teenage boys experience a lot of dramatic changes in between 13-18. As their body changes, so does their image of themselves.

It’s usually difficult to admire every part of your looks, but when you let such negativities cloud your sense of reasoning it can lead to a downward trend in your self-esteem.

What is body image?

Your body image is how and what you think and feel about your body. It is a mental picture created on your mind which is an interface between your brain and heart. It could be positive or negative which might or might not match your body’s actual shape.

A positive or healthy body image simply means a feeling of being happy and satisfied about your body and how it looks, it also includes being comfortable with and accepting the way you look.

However, a feeling of dissatisfaction of one’s body structure emanating from the mind is a negative or unhealthy body image. People who feel this way often want to change their body size, shape and physique.

The body image of kids can change through their lifetime as puberty sets in. Hence, fitting and looking even better than other people becomes important to teens. This could result in pressure to live and act in a certain way.

A healthy body image in childhood can lay the foundations for good physical and mental health later in life. An unhealthy body image in childhood can have long-lasting consequences. We will concentrate on a teen boy’s body image.

Body image is part and parcel of a person’s total self-image. Hence, how a guy feels about his body can affect how he feels about himself. If he is paying a lot of attention to not liking the way he looks, his self-esteem can really hit the rocks hard and his confidence can slide.

Generally, guys look up to been the muscular and huge domineering macho. Hence lanky and short guys have a sense of low esteem due to falling short of this trait. A couple of things do help a boy teen develop a good self-image such as.

Self-esteem and body image

Self-esteem is simply about how much value you have placed on yourself. Self-esteem is necessary because rating yourself highly or poorly could affect your mental health and how you behave.

People with high self-esteem are aware of themselves and their environment. They’re realistic and usually find friends that are like and value them for who they are.

teenage boys and self image

People with high self-esteem often feel more in control of their lives, understand their strengths and know how to handle their weaknesses.

Body image is how you view your physical appearance. This includes how attractive you feel you are to yourself and others. For many people, particularly teens, body image can be directly linked to self-esteem.

Comparison among peers

During discussions among boy teens, they usually compare themselves based on physique and body build.

The less developed kids tend to feel as though they can’t compete – an important aspect of masculinity – which leads to a retreat from peers.

Unhealthy Criticism

Some parents expect a lot from their kids. They require their teens to be the trend and pace setters hence they might call their kids names or even mock them when there is a fashion fail.

This can be derogatory to the esteem of their children. Boy teens also face criticism and mockery from their friends.

This happens by tagging mockery names to them. This has been known to have a hit on the esteem of these kids.

Alcohol and drugs

This can be a result of low esteem. Boy teens who feel left out by nature’s uneven sharing formula could result to indulging in drugs to alleviate his mind.

They tend to indulge in alcohol and drugs to make them feel better or to forget about these criticisms.

However, this feeling comes back even stronger after these temporary solutions are gone.

Body image is a mind analysis of your physical image. Hence, it is a psychological issue. Working on the mind is the perfect solution to this problem.

Exercise is also important for everyone regardless of shape, structure and physique. Exercise keeps us healthy and fit. You also feel a sense of happiness and tend to forget certain issues when exercising.

Exercise keeps us in good shape too. Hence, it is needful to imbibe this into a daily routine.

Children don’t always find talking to their parents comfortable for various reasons including overbearing attitude by parents. But that is the ideal.

Speaking with a 3rd party, you can trust could also be helpful.

Parents of teenage boys have a role to play in alleviating the conditions of their kids.

Good communication with your kids is very important. Your kids should see you as a strong tower they can run to and not as a totalitarian warlord.

The same is true for friends. Any company of friends that constantly mocks your child or makes him feel any less than he is should be sternly discouraged. Your kids are your pride and you should keep them safe from such group of friends.

Encourage your boys toward the healthy things in which they already show promise and quite often they will develop the confidence to move on to other things.Encourage a healthy and humble self-image and not to take themselves too seriously.