Alternatives to Junk Food for Kids

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Snacks play an important part in providing good nutrition for children since they play a crucial role not only in supplying their body with energy but also for preventing all kinds of illnesses and diseases.

But not all snacks are good, on the contrary, some of them may cause more problems than help because they are made of unhealthy ingredients.

You would be surprised to hear that many so-called healthy foods are in fact quite harmful like, for example, breakfast cereals.

Luckily, many other snacks are entirely suitable for your child – they are healthy, tasty and energy-full.

Fruits Provide Your Children With Vitamins

Fruits are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and all other ingredients every person, and especially children, need to take into their body.

They are sweet and tasty, and kids usually love them, and the best part is that you can serve them whole, sliced, cut in half, cubed, or in wedges.

Eating fresh fruits is the best way to get all the required nutrition, but those canned, frozen or dried are not a bad option either.

You can also mix them and make a fruit salad and don’t hesitate to ask your children for help in preparing it because that raises chances that your kid will enjoy eating.

Also, blending them with juice, milk, or yoghurt are also a good way of using fruits, but try to avoid those store-made smoothies because they have added sugars and they are everything but healthy.

You must not be lazy in doing all of this, and you should always keep in mind that eating fruits lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure, among other positive impacts.

Eating Healthy Grains Contributes Greatly to the Health of Your Child

Grain products are very often an integral part of your child’s diet.

However, children usually consume foods in the form of sugary cereals, cookies, and similar products that also contain grains, but are high in sugar and fat.

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For that reason, it is useful to change your kid’s diet and introduce a whole grains, cereal and crackers that provide vitamins, minerals and fiber instead of unhealthy fats and sugar.

Of course, children will not give up on cookies or chips, and you should gradually decrease their intake and, in turn, increase the consumption of whole grains. Perhaps you could keep the cookies and cakes for some special occasions.

Breakfast cereals are an excellent chance to start introducing a new diet to your child. Therefore, you can look for the cereals that have round 8 grams of sugar per serving.

These can surely improve your child’s health.

Low-Fat Cheese and Yoghurt Help Build Strong Bones

You already know that dairy products are rich in calcium. And, of course, calcium is great for your children’s bones.

That is why dairy products need to be a regular part in the diet of your kids. However, you need to make sure your child eats low-fat dairy products.

In the case of consuming dairy products that are not low-fat, there is a risk of artery-clogging that in turn damages heart and bones.

Hence, eating low-fat and free-fat cheese is splendid for kids, but you should serve it with other foods like vegetables and fruits.

Yoghurt is also an excellent source of calcium and the brands with low-fat may improve your child’s health significantly.

Don’t make a mistake and give your child frozen yoghurt all the time, because it is very high in added sugar. Restrict frozen yoghurt to special treats.